Logical Move for Cytech’s New Home Automation Controller

Cytech, famous for their “Comfort” smart home security system, have just announced a new Home Automation controller.  With its If/Then/Else logic it’s ideal for controlling and scheduling AV, Lighting, Blinds, Heating, Airconditioning, Irrigation etc.  The new device know as ‘Logic Engine’ is a subset of the security system, providing all the I/O you’ve come to know and love from Comfort, plus its ability to interface with a huge variety of hardware including RS232, RS485, Ethernet, C-Bus, KNX, Z-Wave, Velbus and GSM.

Cytech Launches Logic Engine – “Cytech’s latest introduction, their Logic Engine, is a programmable controller for automation applications.   It can replace a PLC (programmable logic controller) and has the ability to interface to most home automation systems.  Research prompted by customer feedback led  Cytech to develop a controller for situations that do not require an alarm and related features.   An additional benefit is that the Cytech Logic Engine can be used in commercial and industrial applications where a central controller and scheduler are needed.

The central controller can operate AV, lighting, blinds, heating, airconditioning and irrigation with scheduling and logic conditions.  The Logic Engine interfaces to RS232, RS485, Ethernet, C-Bus, KNX, Z-Wave, Velbus, GSM etc.   It can also interface between two systems such as Z-Wave to KNX.

Hotel room bedside panels using SCS switches can be operated and there is an iPhone App to control and monitor the system.   Cytech’s KT03 touchscreen can be used with the Logic Engine.

In contrast to the company’s “Comfort Intelligent Home System”, the Logic Engine is not an alarm system nor is it connected to a phone line or have a voice menu.”


  • 8 inputs, 8 outputs expandable to 216 inputs, 216 outputs
  • 12V – 1Amp wall mount adaptor
  • CP9000-LOG is with EN01 enclosure 310 x 350 x 95 mm
  • 32 Time Programs
  • 1024 Responses
  • Sunrise/Sunset Times with automatic daylight saving time changes
  • able to send 250 IR Codes

Available now for around £170 from laser.com   :   cytech.biz

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3 Comments on "Logical Move for Cytech’s New Home Automation Controller"

  1. Paul Gordon | March 15, 2012 at 8:40 am |

    Ah, so this is effectively a Comfort *without* the alarm features…?

  2. Hard to justify the price with Raspberry Pi coming in at £22 a pop.

    Adding a bit of TTL to that costs a lot less than the £150 difference in price, and RP is looking like it would run, say, MisterHouse quite happily.

  3. Karl Hoskin | April 2, 2012 at 10:07 pm |

    I agree with Mark Harrison.

    The Raspberry Pi will be an excellent automation controller.

    Some manufacturer just needs to make a nice high voltage switching and detection ( by which I mean 230 – 240Vac and not the I.E.E’s definition ) interface to plugin to the Raspberry Pi. The Pi’s girt board looks interesting , but not really focused on high voltage switching and voltage monitoring and detection.

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