Logitech Launch Harmony Ultimate and Harmony Smart Control

Logitech have announced two new universal remotes.  The Logitech Harmony Ultimate is a £229 touchscreen and hard buttoned offering and the Logitech Harmony Smart Control at £109 provides a smartphone interface to your home cinema and other equipment   Both units employ the new Harmony Hub.  Check out the videos below…

Today, Logitech announced the expansion of its Harmony universal remote control lineup with Logitech Harmony Ultimate and Logitech Harmony Smart Control. Both products feature Logitech’s new Harmony Hub and Harmony Smartphone App to enable closed-cabinet and game console control. And, for the first time ever, Harmony can even help you set the mood in your living room: the Harmony Hub takes personalizing your activities a step further with the ability to control your Philips Hue lights with a tap of the Logitech Harmony Ultimate.

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Logitech Harmony Smart Control   :   Logitech Harmony Ultimate

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1 Comment on "Logitech Launch Harmony Ultimate and Harmony Smart Control"

  1. Thanks for this, always excellent updates from you guys 🙂

    Loving the Phillips hue integration, I need to check that out to see if it’s available only on the ultimate. Great how it can setup the light according to the mode. I wonder if this could work with our products that have similar functionality.

    I’d be interested to see how this develops, the pricing for the ultimate is quite a lot (the screen looks rather slow and jerky)

    Excellent stuff,

    Thanks very much.


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