Low Cost Automation and Control Devices for the PC

Submission by Gary

Just though your readers would be interested in the following products from Audon Electronics, see www.audon.co.uk

1) Relay Boards. Audon Electronics offer low cost relay boards controlled from your PC. The PPO-RL8 simply plugs in to the printer port and has 8 250V 7A relays for switching on/off lights/pumps etc. Cost only £59. The SPO-RL8 conects to the PC’s serial port and has 8 relays outputs and 4 opto-isolated inputs. The SPO-RL8 may be located up t 50M or more away from the PC. Cost £99. Both products come with software and programming examples. see www.audon.co.uk/relay.html

2) The LabJack – a low cost USB based data acquisition and control device. The LabJack simply plugs into the USB port and offers 8 analogue inputs, 2 analogue outputs and 20 digital I/O pins. Option extras include temperature probes and relay output boards. Price only £95. see www.audon.co.uk/labjack.html

3) DAQLab – low cost data acquisition and control software package. With DAQLAb you can meaure and record data, construct user screens using animated text, graphs and bit-map images and you can construct automation sequesnces without any knowledge of programming. DAQLab is low cost too – a version that works with the LabJack is only £89! see www.audon.co.uk/daqlab.html

4) Keyboard Encoders – Audon Electronics can offer a range of keyboard encoders whci allow any contact or swich generate a PC keyboard character. The entry level KBE-98 is only £45 whilst the user programmable KBE-16P is £69. All encosers come with an external keyboard connector so that you can operate a standard keyboard at the same time. see www.audon.co.uk/keyboard_encoders.html

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