Loxone Announce Range of New LED Lighting Plus 24V Dimmer with Tree Technology

Loxone Tree Lighting

Last years Loxone Tree Roll Out was one of our top 20 most read articles. Today Loxone have announced an update to the range with new LED Lighting and 24V Dimmer products.

Loxone say the Tree variants of these new LED Spots should be a big hit based on what their partners have been asking for and the overall success of the Tree system.

The spots will only require CAT7 cabling, saving on installation time and cost and meaning that each light is addressable in Loxone Config.

So it doesn’t matter how the lights are wired in terms of groups during the installation, as they can be re-grouped later and controlled independently from each other.

Since launching in April 2016, Loxone’s Tree technology has proven a hit among Loxone Partners; requiring up to 80% less cabling on a smart home installation. This reduces the installation time and cost while offering more flexibility when it comes to configuration. Now Loxone is extending their Tree range with four new LED Spots and a RGBW 24V Dimmer.

There’s no disputing that lighting can completely change how a room looks and feels.
More than just a necessity to see when it’s dark; lighting is an integral part of interior design and can significantly affect our mood. With this in mind, Loxone has developed the LED Spot Tree, LED Ceiling Spot Tree (both available in WW and RGBW) and the RGBW 24V Dimmer Tree.

Loxone LED Spot Tree

The Loxone LED Spot Tree sets the benchmark in lighting installation; reducing the amount of cabling needed and configuration time. As each spot is independently addressable in Loxone Config, you can meet the exact requirements of the project – even when furniture is rearranged or the use of the room completely changes. Group and ungroup the spots to your heart’s content. Plus, there’s no need for an separate dimmer extension! The LED Spot Tree is available in both WW (right) and RGBW (left).

Loxone LED Spot Tree WW & RGBW

Loxone LED Ceiling Spot Tree

For when the light itself is part of the design, or when concrete ceilings hinder the installation of regular spots, there is the LED Ceiling Spot Tree. This variant offers more light and is exceptionally energy-efficient. Plus, you benefit from the unprecedented ease of installation thanks to Loxone Tree technology. The LED Ceiling Spot Tree also features an innovative magnetic mounting system. The LED Ceiling Spot Tree is available in both WW (right) and RGBW (left).

Loxone LED Ceiling Spot Tree WW & RGBW

The new LED Ceiling Spot WW Tree, LED Ceiling Spot RGBW Tree, LED Ceiling Spot WW, LED Ceiling Spot RGBW and RGBW 24V Dimmer Tree are all available from the Loxone Webshop from today. The LED Spot WW Tree and LED Spot RGBW Tree will be available from Autumn 2017.

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2 Comments on "Loxone Announce Range of New LED Lighting Plus 24V Dimmer with Tree Technology"

  1. Interesting Mark and definitely a taste of things to come. There’s not a lot of information on the actual light characteristics of the fittings themselves. Looking at the webshop the output of the surface mounted spot appears to be 804 lumens, the colour temperature is 3000K and the beam width is 60°. I might be missing it but I couldn’t see any mention of colour rendering.

  2. Hi Iain. Thank you for your comment. The Colour Rendering Index of our WW spots is 80 (typically at 82). Our RGBW spots have a CRI of up to 80. You’ll be able to find more technical information on our documentation pages here: http://www.loxone.com/enen/kb-cat/lighting – at the bottom of these pages you’ll also be able to download the Eulum/Illumination Data which might prove useful.

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