Loxone Reveals Nano IO Air Plus Touch for Nano

The guys at Loxone have brought you more retro-fittable goodness in the shape of two new wireless products for your home automation system.

The ‘Nano IO Air’ is a £90 wireless relay and I/O module that features two 5A relays plus six integrated digital inputs.

These provide plenty of opportunities for the integration of switches, door contacts, water detectors and other 24V digital sensors within your home.

Loxone say the unit is particularly suited to retrofitting automating lighting as there’s no need to chasing walls. With dimensions of 53 x 53 x31 mm, the Nano Air IO should fit into most standard back boxes.

Loxone Nano IO Air - Front and Rear Detail

Its companion is the Loxone ‘Touch for Nano’, an add-on switch module for the Nano IO Air. This £36 capacitive touch switch has five addressable regions for triggering all aspects of your intelligent home system.

As with the Loxone Touch Air version, the switch features an optional audible click feedback function to reassuring users that their touch was registered.

Both devices work with Loxone’s Air Technology on 868MHz (SRD band Europe), 915MHz (ISM Band Region 2). Loxone continue to expand their comprehensive and capable smart home system.

Loxone Nano IO  :  Loxone Touch for Nano  :  Loxone UK Case Study

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