Loxone Touch Air Is Retrofit Anywhere Touch Switch For Your Smart Home

One of the shortcomings of the Loxone home automation system has been its reliance on switches from third parties. But today they’ve have fixed that with the unveiling of the new Loxone Touch Air.

The switch has 5 separately addressable touch regions and can control pretty much any aspect of your smart home setup.

They won’t look out of place with the rest of your faceplates either (55 x 55mm) and they have an optional audible feedback function for a ‘click’ sound when you press the touch zones.

Their built-in temperature and humidity sensor allows your Loxone system to react to changes in temperature and humidity levels automatically too.

The switches are powered by a CR2450 Lithium cell with a quoted battery life of greater than two years. and operate on 868MHz (SRD Band Europe) / 915MHz (ISM Band Region 2).

Loxone Touch Air Wall Switch

Sticking to any surface they are practical to retro-fit almost anywhere around your smart home and with their multi-function nature you’ll probably be able to do with less switches overall too.

The Loxone Touch Air is available now for £87.

loxone.com  :  Loxone UK Case Study

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