Marmitek Launch Invisible Control 6 Infrared Repeater Extender

Marmitek Invisible Control 6

Marmitek has revealed the new Invisible Control 6! infrared repeater/extender. You can use it to control up to 6 A/V devices in a closed cabinet and it is suitable for new IR code formats (like RC-MM) that are used in BT Vision, Freesat, Freeview, Sky TV and Virgin boxes.  The system also includes built in IR filtering so it can be used with Plasma, LCD and LED TVs without the normal interference problems.  The unit is available now For around £60.

“Over the past few months, Marmitek has been working hard on inspecting your living room. What you do in there, what equipment you have and how much importance you place on the quality, design and the options you have in your TV corner? A TV corner is actually a very disrespectful term when we see the lengths to which some people go to perfect their multi-media, super-modern, expensive audio/visual world.

Research – Among other things, our research has shown that 33 % of respondents have A/V equipment that they would rather place out of sight as a result of design/aesthetic considerations (73 %), dust (15 %) and burglars (8 %). But, there you have it…the fact that these people want to operate their devices from the sofa often stops them in their tracks.

Today, Marmitek is introducing the Invisible Control 6!  This is an infrared repeater/extender. You can use it to operate up to 6 A/V devices in a closed cabinet with the original remote controls!

So how does it work? – You place the white box in your cabinet; the largest black block is placed under the edge of your A/V cabinet (or next to or under the TV. It doesn’t matter where, as long as you can point your remote control towards it.) The 6 IR LEDs are then stuck to your A/V devices. Do you have fewer than 6 A/V devices? No problem! You don’t have to use them all.

Marmitek Invisible Control 6

Quality – At Marmitek, product improvement is an ongoing process. The Invisible Control 6 is thus suitable for the new IR code formats (such as RC-MM) that are used in many new HD devices and digital TV decoders (including f.e. BT Vision, Freesat, Freeview, Sky TV and Virgin). Moreover, it also incorporates the latest technology in relation to IR filtering, for use in the vicinity of TVs (Plasma, LCD and LED), indirect sunlight and energy-efficient light bulbs. The Invisible Control 6 comes with a 2 year guarantee and, as with all Marmitek products, has been designed to put up with intensive use.

– The Invisible Control 6 is available for € 69.95/ GBP 59.95. A professional product for a consumer price!”   :   Buy Marmitek Invisible Control

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Marmitek Invisible Control 6

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