Monkey Business Turns Your Intercom into a Smart Access System

Locumi Labs is nearing the end of its Kickstarter campaign for monkey, a new product which they describe as the ‘world’s first smart lock for main entrance doors’.

Aimed at the retro-fit market, monkey can be installed without modifying your door. Instead the little device attaches to the internals of your apartment’s intercom, and then its WiFi-enabled chip brings control to your smarthphone.

Monkey Smart Access AppWith monkey you, your family and friends as well as service providers can enter your building without a physical key. monkey say it’s ideal for everyone who wants a smart lock, but lives in an apartment building or in a house with any sort of access door or gate.

It is also suitable for renters as they can install it themselves into the intercom in their home – in less than 3 minutes and without the need for an electrician or the permission of their landlord – according to the makers.

You can use monkey to receive unattended deliveries to your apartment and program time-windows so that the main entrance door opens automatically when a delivery person rings at the right time.

monkey is a small, Wi-Fi-enabled chip that everyone can easily install into his intercom without having to change a single thing at the main entrance door. monkey is compatible with every intercom system and is online via the owner’s Wi-Fi. The owner and all co-users manage access conveniently through an iOS or Android app. monkey enables three opening mechanisms: 1. Automated opening via app by sensing via GPS that you approach your door 2. On-demand opening via app by pressing the open-now button 3. By ringing during a pre-defined time-window – ideal for deliverers without a smartphone

The Kickstarter project has already been successfully funded but there are still a few days left to support the team and pre-order at a discount below the estimated retail price of around £99. After the KS campaign monkey tell us the product will be officially available in the UK around Q3 2106.  :

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2 Comments on "Monkey Business Turns Your Intercom into a Smart Access System"

  1. Hmmm, nice idea. Unfortunately there is a significant difference between locking the door or just close it. Is it locked, typical intercoms won’t work so is this attachment, I think. Is it just closed I won’t feel save enough as it is opened by someone within seconds.

    And at least in germany no insurance will accept a closed but not locked door.


  2. Looks good. If there is an intercomm in place to open the door, I don’t understand the MJ’s comment, as the door will either be secured by a mag-lock or door release mechanism. Sure if you live in an apartment/building/house/etc where there exists an intercom but in its current state can’t release the door, then this product would not make any difference to your life.

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