Netatmo Wireless Rain Gauge Addon for Weather Station

We reviewed the Netatmo weather station over a year ago and it has continued to provide us with a reliable way to monitor and record the weather conditions at the Automated Home.

The Netatmo is integrated with our Indigo home automation setup too and we really like the convenience of pulling its data into our control screens.  In our review we pointed out the systems reliance on external rainfall data rather than using its own sensor but now that has been solved with the launch of the Netatmo Wireless Rain Gauge.

The new plastic unit has an easy-to-read rainfall display and notifies you the moment it starts raining. You can use the Rain Gauge data to determine the best time to water your garden and precipitation is measured in terms of periods of rainfall and accumulated rainfall.

The module employs a tipping bucket type rain gauge, is powered by 2 AAA batteries and can measure from 0.2 mm/h to 900 mm/h with a 1 mm/h accuracy.  It’s around 13cms wide and with a quoted wireless range of 100m should provide good flexibility for finding the best site around your home to measure rainfall.

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Netatmo Rain Gauge Diagram

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