New “Invisible” Z-Wave Door Sensor

Aeon Labs have launched a new Aeotec Z-Wave door Sensor.

The unit comes in 2 parts, the smaller unit containing a magnet is hidden in the door or window while the larger cylinder is recessed into the frame.  The CR2 battery contained should provide around a year of service before needing changed.

The sensor should be ideal for lighting and security applications and is available now for around €65.00

Looks perfect – At around 10 millimetres in width, some might call it small and compact. We prefer to call it invisible. It’s the Z-Wave door sensor that’s been designed as the door sensor should have always been.

z-wave-door-sensor-verticalFor a start it doesn’t change your home’s aesthetic. It’s not plastic stuck on a door. Instead it’s a clever piece of technology that installs simply within your door’s frame. Aeotec’s Recessed Door Sensor is as beautiful as the rest of your home. You never see it, you just feel its benefits.

Simple idea. Powerful applications – Recessed Door Sensor is a simple idea. It tells you and your Z-Wave network if a door is open or closed. Simple but powerful, Recessed Door Sensor enables you to create a whole new level of control through Z-Wave. Alarms. Safety. Intelligence. Automated decisions. All enabled by one simple, powerful and invisible device.

Simple to install – The beauty of an invisible installation is complemented by the beauty of a simple installation. Installing Recessed Door Sensor is easy. Adding it to your home’s network takes no more than activating its battery and syncing it with your Z-Wave system. Making the whole thing invisible means little more than a slight drill hole hidden away on the top of your door. It’s the sort of installation that takes no more than 10 minutes but provides years’ worth of benefits.   :   More Z-Wave Posts

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3 Comments on "New “Invisible” Z-Wave Door Sensor"

  1. This is a really interesting gadget. It looks pretty easy to install. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Good idea but why the batteries? Could it not energy harvest from the shutting and closing of the door?

  3. Looks physically identical to DSC wireless recessed door contact (not available in EU baud rate).

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