New Loxone Glass ‘Touch Pure’ Makes Smart Home Lighting Stylish

Loxone say their new Touch Pure glass smart switch combines sleek design with effortless lighting control…

Add stylish lighting to your home with Loxone’s new ‘Touch Pure’ luxury touch switch. Designed and crafted by glass artisans, this stunning smart switch combines interior design elegance with ground-breaking technology, providing effortless control of your home’s lighting, blinds, music and more – all without compromising on style!

The Loxone Touch Pure provides the ideal alternative to the traditional light switch, creating a sleek, elegant design for high-end interiors. Its surface is made from hardened glass by specialist manufacturers, ceramically imprinted for a silk glass finish that feels as good as it looks and is immune to fingerprint smudges.

Designed to integrate seamlessly with any modern interior, the Touch Pure offers a beautiful, one-touch solution to turn off all the lights in the home or each room, dim the lights or change their colour to suit your mood. The Touch can be positioned on any wall, desk or surface to provide instant lighting ambience.

Philipp Schuster, MD UK of Loxone, commented: “We believe that smart home lighting should be about enhancing the design and ambience of your home . Our designers have created a unique glass surface finish that creates a high-end, elegant feel, while meeting the highest quality standards.”

The Loxone Touch Pure is available now for around £115.

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  1. Jari Becker | October 6, 2016 at 1:16 pm |

    Home automation system is improving day by day and new technologies are coming forward. This Glass Touch Lightning would make the home look superb. Great Work.

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