New Marmitek Powermid 300 XTRA Long Range Remote Extender

These new Powermid 300 XTRA IR extenders allow you to control your infrared equipment in another room, even on another floor.  So you can control your Sky or Cable box in the lounge downstairs from the bedroom upstairs for example. The units are battery powered so can be placed anywhere and at under £40 they won’t break the bank either…

Marmitek introduces the Powermid 300 XTRA. This set allows you to operate your Digital TV decoder, satellite receiver, Blu-ray player or stereo from any room in the house. The Powermid 300 XTRA works in conjunction with your own trusted remotes and its powerful signal passes through walls and ceilings. Standing in the kitchen, this allows you, for example, to pick your favourite song on a device in the living room and play it loudly while preparing dinner. The device has a range of up to 30 metres, so even if you are sitting in the garden, you can easily operate the devices inside your home. Easy does it!

Right at home with the Powermid 300 XTRA – The Powermid 300 XTRA allows you to remotely operate all infrared sensor-equipped devices. This could be your AV equipment, but also a light switch, the air conditioning or an electric fireplace. The possibilities are endless. Still, you don’t need any technical knowledge to use this all-rounder, because you simply position the transmitter/receiver set and the Powermid 300 XTRA will work instantly. Also, the IR receiver is battery-operated, allowing you to carry it anywhere inside or around your home.
Daily convenience in any situation – The Powermid 300 XTRA is a wonderful addition that enables you to fully enjoy your AV equipment and experience the user friendliness of your electronic devices. It offers solutions for numerous everyday situations. You may, for example, have some equipment installed in the meter cupboard and would like to operate it from the living room. Or you don’t want to walk over to the amplifier every time you wish to change the background music during a dinner party in your L-shaped living room.

Powermid 300

Remote control for everyone – The Powermid 300 XTRA has a sophisticated design. You can position the small device discretely out of sight, or display it as an eye catching feature in your interior. This wireless infrared extender comes with batteries for the IR receiver and a power adapter for the IR transmitter. The complete set will only cost you € 39.95.

  • Transmit your remote control signal through walls and floors.
  • Operate your HDD-recorder, mode power supply settop box, satellite decoder and Stereo from anywhere in your home, even from your bed.
  • The compact IR receiver is battery operated and can therefore be positioned anywhere (USB power supply optional).
  • No installation needed.
  • Works with almost all brands and models.

How does the Powermid 300 XTRA™ work? – The Powermid 300 XTRA™ comprises an IR Receiver and an IR Transmitter. Place the IR Receiver in the room in which you wish to use the remote control. Place the IR Transmitter in sight of the equipment that you wish to operate. Point the remote control at the IR Receiver in order to operate equipment through walls (wirelessly) via the IR Transmitter.   :   Marmitek at Amazon

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