New RFID Home Automation Starter Kit and Wrist Band Tag

iAutomate are selling an updated version of their RFID Home Automation kit. Amongst the new offerings is a $500 kit to use with the Mac OS X home automation software “Indigo” from Perceptive Automation.

iAutomate have recently reduced the size of the technology by 50% and have introduced a new RFID wrist tag available for adults and kids too.

RFID Starter Kit for Indigo by Perceptive Automation – Already Own Indigo ? Powered by Wavetrend,This RFID Starter kit includes virtually everything you need to get started with RFID and automation whether it is in your home or business if you already own Indigo Home Automation Software. The kit includes our RFID Software Plug-In for Indigo, The New RX202-HA Long Range RFID Reader, Two TG-P Active Duo Tags for windshield or personnel use, super-adhesive pads and The RFID Breakout Cable with Power Supply (Works in every country, just specify at time of order). Perfect for Vehicle ID and automation sequences. Just connect to a Indigo equipped Mac running OS X and add a variety of long range RFID tags from our selection online for autos, people, and physical assets. Purchase additional readers to expand coverage and perform specialized automation events.


Customized for and home automation applications, this HA Edition of the L-RX202-HA Long Range RFID Reader is used in conjunction with Indigo Software and is specifically designed for detection (or absence) of people, vehicles, pets and personal assets. The RFID Reader provides near field or long range coverage for real-time detection of people, pets, vehicles or anything else you can identify with one of the various RFID tags.

Wavetrend TGMS-A RFID Wrist Band Tag with Ballistic Nylon Band – Only .28 in thick (7 mm), This Wavtetend TGMS-A RFID Wrist Band Tag works just like one of our long range RFID tags, to actively indicate presence at the Wavetrend L-RX200 series or Older R500 RFID Reader marketed by AAID. Because of the active nature of this RFID Wrist Tag, the RFID reader network can detect the presence or absence of the Wrist Tag.

It is affixed to the wrist with the included Ballistic Nylon Wrist Band, our optional vinyl wrist bands, or industry standard hospital identification bands. The integral battery provides up to three years of continuous use.


RFID Kit for Indigo   :   RFID Wrist Band Tag

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1 Comment on "New RFID Home Automation Starter Kit and Wrist Band Tag"

  1. Lehane Kellett | February 26, 2013 at 11:01 am |

    Seems to be a 433.92 MHz system – same as many short range devices, like car keyfobs.
    For HA I’d prefer Bluetooth presence detection.
    And $500 with two tags!

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