New Vemmio Z-Wave Plus System Enters UK Smart Home Market

There’s a new Z-Wave game in town.

Vemmio is a smart home manufacture from Poland and their new range of Z-Wave modules have just gone on sale in the UK.

They have been developing, manufacturing and installing fire protection automation for the past 10 years. Following their success in this area a new Z-Wave Smart Automation department was created.

Thousands of hours of research, development and programming later, they announced their new Smart Security system at CES.

Vemmio Desktop

The hub / gateway at the centre of the system costs £99 and the Z-Wave Plus modules to accompany it range from around £35 to £55.

The Vemmio Smart Security App is available on Android, iOS and Windows (Web version).

Vemmio App


Smoke Sensor

The smoke detector delivers a smart, stylish design and is the smallest Z-Wave smoke sensor on the market according to the makers.  It is a warning device that detects presence of smoke and smoke particles in realtime faster than any regular ionizing smoke alarm. Vemmio Smoke Detector

Flood Sensor

The flood sensor is easy to use in hard to reach areas thanks its 1.2M cable.  The probe has two closely located electrodes which guarantee water detection at the very earliest stages of a leak.

Vemmio Flood Sensor

Open / Close Mini Sensor

Due to the fact that it offers a single function, the Open/Close Mini Sensor is highly responsive and reliable. The sensor is a very convenient size too at just 70 mm long, 19 mm wide and 22 mm high. Vemmio Open / Close mini sensor

Motion Mini Sensor

The motion mini offers an ultra smart and simple design that blends into your home’s decoration. The installation takes literally minutes and it can measure illumination up to 8 500lx as well as motion.

Vemmio Motion Mini Sensor


The gateway for the Vemmio system has a built-in siren and can use a 3G USB modem when WiFi is not available. It can also use a power bank as emergency power supply.

Vemmio Z-Wave Plus Hub

4 in 1 Sensor

The 4 in 1 sensor features functionality of three sensors (Motion Mini, Open / Close Mini and Room Sensor), which translates into considerable financial savings.

Vemmio 4-In-1 Sensor

Room Sensor

The room sensor measures temperature and humidity. Temperature measurement precision is ± 0.4°C and it reliably detects excessive or insufficient humidity and temperature level.

Vemmio Room Sensor

Double Switch

Uses two channels separately (2x 1500 W) and it is also a power meter.

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3 Comments on "New Vemmio Z-Wave Plus System Enters UK Smart Home Market"

  1. WorldOfDel | June 26, 2017 at 11:16 am |

    Subtle branding.

    I want my smart home to disappear in to the background not be a white box with a big ugly logo on it. Shame they didn’t go for subtle embossing.

    Hub UI looks pleasant to use and might have a reasonable wife acceptance factor.

  2. £35 for a fancy looking reed switch?? Erm, no thanks.

  3. The dashboard looks really nice – well designed and thought out – I’d say this system was worth considering for the software quality alone, which so often isn’t nearly as slick as it should be and lets face it once you’ve installed a system that’s where you’ll spend most of your time. I agree totally that the physical products don’t look too nice though, which is disappointing. Also if you compare the ‘motion mini’ sensor with an Aeon or Fibaro equivalent it has only motion and illumination sensors as opposed to 5/6 sensors offered by the competitor products, and yet it’s still 90% of the price. Perhaps the hub can be used with some more discreet alternative z-wave devices to achieve the same end. Question is, will it be compatible…?

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