New Yale Conexis L1 Smart Door Lock

The new Conexis L1 smart lock from Yale puts you fully in control of your door, allowing you to configure, control and unlock your home all from your smartphone via a Bluetooth low energy App.

For ultimate peace of mind, you can create and send mobile keys to family and friends, and keep track of who comes and goes simply using your smartphone. Thanks to the new Twist and Go functionality, you can also twist your phone 90 degrees to unlock your front door, as well as having the choice of key tag, key card or phone tag, depending on your preference.

And don’t worry if the electricity goes down! The smart lock is powered by four AA batteries and will send a warning notification to your smartphone when the batteries begin running low. It even has a backup battery connection port on its external side, which can be used to power the lock in the event of a flat battery.

Feeling safe and secure is a must for any homeowner. In addition to a tamper alarm, the smart door lock meets PAS24 security standard. Easy to install, the lock is compatible with most multipoint locks on the market and only requires a single screwdriver and tape measure to fit.

When linked with a Yale wireless module, users can connect the Conexis L1 to other Yale smart products, including the Yale Smart Home Alarm or Smart CCTV range, which can then be controlled with the free Yale app. Alternatively, the lock will also connect to leading smart home systems when the appropriate module is fitted.

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Yale Conexis L1 Smart Door Lock

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8 Comments on "New Yale Conexis L1 Smart Door Lock"

  1. I’d like to know more about its integration with other smarthome systems which is alluded to in the article, and even more vaguely on their site, which calls out Samsung SmartThings as one integration possibility, and suggests there are others…
    Where can I find more information of what 3rd party interfacing is possible, what components are required? etc..

  2. Echoing Paul’s comments – I’m curious if there’s a Z-Wave/Zigbee module? I would like to integrate my smart lock with Home Assistant

  3. I believe the L1 can use the same Z-Wave module that the older KeyFree Connected model does and so probably will get correctly recognised by SmartThings as a door lock, in just the same way.

  4. Michael Dewhurst | February 22, 2017 at 11:19 pm |

    Just spent an uncomfortable few minutes reading the reviews on Amazon. Seems it will connect to smartthings, but is very unlikely to connect to your phone, or the tag. Cant remember ever seeing amazon reviews that gave such poor reviews, looks like they didn’t complete testing before they put it on sale. Shame.

  5. Was primed to buy one of these but stopped in my tracks by its inability to work like a normal door lock in my circumstances.
    Our door does not exit onto the street, but into our garden. I have no desire to have the door locked from the outside every time I leave the house – I want to come and go as I please opening the door from either side as I wish. With this door lock, you have to manually press a button on the inside of the door to enable you to come back in from outside (example: putting the bins out) and this only lasts a few minutes maximum.
    The lock needs a configurable setting that it doesn’t lock until the handle is lifted. Having it disconnect the exterior handle every time it’s closed is not a solution for anyone who’s door doesn’t exit onto the street!

  6. I have this lock. Bought it this week. Installation was a breeze. I also bought the z-wave module and fitted that on the lock. Works well with Smartthings once you manage to get the module to pair to the hub. I can now unlock with the tags or build in routines with Smartthings. Also to RossDC’s point, the door doesn’t autolock when you shut it, unless you pull the handle up to engage the multipoint lock – Something to bear in mind. As if the door has been left unlocked, you cannot lock it remotely (exception to this is if it was unlocked and the handle wasn’t pulled, so the multi-point locks are still engaged).

  7. Andy/anyone – what’s the sequence to get the zwave module to pair with Smartthings?

  8. I ordered one of these to fit on a newly installed door but on reading the manual I realised that it may not work on multipoint locking doors where the the secondary (top and bottom) locks engage automatically when the door is slammed shut. On my door, you can’t lift the handle so the Conexis L1 has know way of knowing that the barrel mechanism needs to be rotated rotated to complete the locking operation. I read that it will normally lock after 30 seconds even if the handle isn’t lifted but I don’t know if that would happen with my type of door. I called Yale support and the guy there had to go away and check before coming back to say that unfortunately it is not yet compatible with my kind of door.

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