OpenSprinkler Raspberry Pi and Arduino Based Open Source Irrigation

We’re well into summer now, in this hemisphere at least, and if you’re lucky enough to live in a region that gets enough sun to need it, then here’s an open source sprinkler and irrigation system just for you.

OpenSprinkler is the creation of Ray Wang and  Chris Anderson (former editor-in-chief of Wired magazine and now the CEO of 3DRobotics). It is a web-based timer and controller built upon the Arduino platform that works with standard 24VAC sprinkler valves commonly found in household watering and irrigation systems.

It can be operated and monitored across the Internet and the OpenSprinkler mobile app is available on the iOS App Store, Android Play Store and Windows Phone Store too.

Other hardware version are available too such as the one built on the BeagleBone Black. The makers recommend the Raspberry Pi based hardware for maximum flexibility if you like to tinker…

OpenSprinkler Pi (OSPi) is a sprinkler / irrigation extension board for Raspberry Pi (RPi). It allows RPi to directly access and control sprinkler valves. This is version 1.4 with OpenSprinkler injection molded enclosure. The hardware components include on-board 24V AC to 5V DC switching regulator, solenoid drivers, DS1307 RTC and battery, PCF8591T 8-bit A/D D/A converter (4 input and 1 output channels), fuse, rain sensor terminal, 120V/2A mini relay, and per-station transient voltage suppressor (bidirectional TVS).

OpenSprinkler is available either fully assembled for around $150 or semi-assembled for DIYers for around $100. The Raspberry Pi version is under $80 (plus your own Pi).  Check out the videos and the links below.

OpenSprinkler Pi & OpenSprinkler Beagle

OpenSprinkler Pi & OpenSprinkler Beagle

OpenSprinkler App  :  Also check out the Iro WiFi Smart Home Sprinkler

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1 Comment on "OpenSprinkler Raspberry Pi and Arduino Based Open Source Irrigation"

  1. An useful alternative would be OpenIrrigation.
    It’s project page is:

    This software is also raspberry pi based and collects weather data from Wunderground.
    It doesn’t require any additional sensors and can control 4 zones per raspberry.

    The biggest advantage of this project is that it calculates irrigation requirements based on daily average temperatures and plant growth curve. Plant growth data has been obtained from agricultural researches and the included database supports 35 of the most common plant varieties.

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