Phantom Bluetooth Keyless Home Entry System

Phantom Bluetooth Door Lock

Here’s some car technology headed to the smart home. This $200 system from Phantom brings keyless entry to your house using any Bluetooth equipped mobile phone.  As you approach your home the system authenticates you and unlocks your property.  Check out the installation video after the jump…

“The Phantom Smart Home Hands-free Keyless Home Entry uses any Bluetooth-capable cell phone as a key to unlock your door automatically. The Keyless Home Entry detects and authenticates your phone as you approach without having to take it out or press a button.

Simple, safe, and secure, the Hands-free Keyless Home Entry provides a new level of convenience. You no longer have to trouble with keys. The Keyless Home Entry is perfect for coming and going in a hurry or with your hands full.

Safe and Secure – The Phantom Keyless Home Entry uses the latest Bluetooth security features to authenticate your phone as a key. Only a paired cell phone is capable of unlocking your door. The Keyless Home Entry automatically re-locks the door behind you so you can rest assured your home is always secure.

If your phone is ever lost or stolen, you simply reset the Keyless Home Entry to revoke that phone’s access. If a traditional key is lost or stolen, all the home’s locks must be replaced or rekeyed, which wastes your time and money. Resetting the Keyless Home Entry is quick, easy, and free so you have less to worry about when something happens.

  • Use your cell phone as a key
  • Completely hands-free
  • Keep your original door handle
  • Works with any Bluetooth phone
  • Easy to install
  • Still use old key when needed

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2 Comments on "Phantom Bluetooth Keyless Home Entry System"

  1. It sounded like a reasonable product until you watch the installation video, How long do they think the cable will last between the receiver and the internal unit. the standard of electrical installation is terrible.

  2. Jason,

    They must have read your comment as they have removed the video.

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