Popp Hub is Raspberry Pi Based Z-Wave Smart Home Gateway

Popp have released a new smart home gateway that allows you to control your home from your smartphone or tablet via the accompanying free iOS and Android apps.

The gateway is based on the Raspberry Pi and configured through a web browser via its Ethernet port. It will manage up to 230 Z-Wave modules, as well as network cameras and other IP based devices via plugins.

The OS runs from an internal SD card and the 4 on-board USB ports can be used for extra storage or additional gateways and interfaces like an EnOcean or WIFI Stick. The 3.5mm port can provide audio feedback with the optional voice-out module installed.

Popp say the Raspberry Pi underpinnings makes it a super stable device…

The Hub is based on the mini computer Raspberry Pi. Thus it represents a particularly stable and flexible control solution for smart home networks. Thanks to the integrated device database and step-by-step instructions any new smart home device can be connected quickly and easily.

The Popp-Hub is based on the Z-Way Middleware, the first Z-Wave plus certified Z-Wave controller. That means the product is very mature from day one and it can be uses with all the apps and features coming from the large Z-Way developer and user community including the DIY product Razberry.

Popp Hub Dashboard UI

  • CPU: 900MHz Quad Core ARM Cortex A7
  • Memory: 1GB
  • 8GB Flash Storage (SD Card)
  • Z-Wave: Sigma Designs SM5202
  • Fully Z-Wave Plus certified static controller
  • Support for 48 command classes
  • Enhanced Security
  • Dimensions: 89x71x25mm

The Popp Hub supports the new Z-Wave Plus standard and is available now for around £130.

popp.eu  :  More Z-Wave Smart Home Products

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