Powerline Pro T1501 Mains Socket with WiFi, Ethernet & USB Charger

Back in 2012 we covered these sockets from Power Ethernet. Now here’s a new all-singing, all-dancing version from the same company, that manages to pack in even more tech for your smart home, whilst adding a second socket to the mix.

The Powerline Pro T1501 is a UK mains wall socket with built-in WiFi, Ethernet and USB charger that is easily fitted as no new wiring is required, instead using the existing mains cables. You’ll need at least two Powerline or HomePlug AV compatible devices to create a network and the power outlets must the same circuit or phase (range is quoted as up to 300m).

The makers promise ‘fast, secure and robust Powerline and WiFi networking’ with transfer of rates up to 500Mbps, fast enough to stream High Definition (HD) video. Built-in AES 128 bit security encrypts the data sent over the mains power cabling too.

The Wi-Fi connection should provide enough coverage in the local room for your smartphones, laptops and tablets and it can be switched on or off via the front button or automatically controlled by the WiFi scheduler.

All the devices are easily configured using a wizard and managed via a simple web interface or mobile app. The sockets software works with Window, Mac and Linux, tablets and smartphones.

The built in managed switch supports TOS Bits and Quality of Service (QoS) with support for TV over IP (IPTV), Voice Over IP (VoIP) and Ethernet CCTV cameras. The units are also compatible with HomePlug Alliance AV standard.

Finally a simple and secure way to deliver power, WiFi and Ethernet access in every room. The Power Ethernet T1501 is the first hybrid Powerline Socket designed to provide a secure and robust networking solution without the need to run new cables. It combines and compliments a number of connectivity solutions into one device all managed via a simple web interface including Ethernet, WiFi and USB charging. By creating a hybrid networking solution (Ethernet and WiFi) that runs over the mains cables, the T1501 becomes the easiest way to setup and deliver fast and reliable data network exactly where it is needed.

The Powerline Pro T1501 UK mains socket with Wi-Fi, Ethernet and USB charger is available now for around £200.

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powerethernet.com (now closed down?)  :  Available from Amazon

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11 Comments on "Powerline Pro T1501 Mains Socket with WiFi, Ethernet & USB Charger"

  1. Now that might well be pretty nifty (assuming it works OK) – we had some right nightmares with the original ones. Can you badger the manufacturers to give you a couple to test? I’d love to read some real life examples of them in use.

  2. Wow, price will need to drop significantly for these to be viable.

  3. I thought they were fairly pricey at the £120 stated in the article – but if you go to the link, they’re worse – £200 each !!

  4. @rupert – Price now fixed in article, cheers.

  5. Dave McLaughlin | April 17, 2015 at 2:43 am |

    I’ve used powerline Ethernet modules, various types and I never get more than a few Mbps out of them. Running Speedtest.com gives me way less than my 25Mbps internet connection and it is useless for streaming YouTube for instance.

    I’d second Iain’s test idea as real world is so different to manufacturers testing. 🙂

  6. I’ve tried on several occasions to get on with powerline Ethernet, never had much success.

    Ropey speeds, inconsistent performance and the irritating side effect of denting my VDSL connection led me to give up and switch to 802.11ac.

    30 MB/s, every day, every time.

  7. Man, these would be expensive at £70 a unit. Especially given the price of a cheap plug-through 500Mbps powerline adaptors. Even with a wifi range extender.
    Also the stipulation they’ll only work on the same circuit counts out most practical applications (unless they work ‘best’ on the same circuit and just a little slower across a breaker).
    And it’d be interesting to know the size of backbox required- I fitted some sockets with USB charging only which needed a 45mm backbox to fit properly.

  8. These were actually £120 at Keene briefly. Should have bought one when I had chance, but can’t justify £200.

  9. Jason Steele | April 20, 2015 at 12:52 pm |

    Tried HomePlug devices and they were pretty ropey. Going to 5GHz wifi and using wifi extenders solved my coverage problems.

  10. We recently installed 8 of these units in a listed Castle in Kent which had been converted into a 10-bed home. As you can imagine the challenge was the very old mains wiring! To our amazement it offered increased speeds and wifi throughout the castle (better speeds than the orignal powerline T1000).

    The clients were over the moon as 8 units was significantly less than a re-wire of the entire castle!

    As for the performance & reliability we can vouch for this…speeds were min 20-30Mb up to 80-90mb on average(very good considering how old the wiring was) but its the wifi element that justified the price for the client. They were able to install smart TV’s which they couldnt do previously in various rooms.

  11. You’d think they could spell complement properly

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