Sharp JH-G51X Power Interface

This item featured on lots of Tech News sites today, looks interesting –

“It’s possible in Japan (just like in almost every other country in the world) to get solar panels to feed your house with electricity through a “control panel”. Sharp presents their type of control panel today, the JH-G51X series.

This panel gives you in real-time the power consumption in your house, the power charge the solar panels are generating and an indication that the energy generated by the panels is enough to satisfy the need for power in your house at that moment (we could call this the Consumption/Production ratio, and this will also give you an indication on how much kW you can sell back to your local electricity supplier and how much profit this would generate).

All in all, this is a very complete control station and it’s really easy to read too…Expect to pay between 2300 and 3350 EUR for this kind of equipment in your house (without the solar panels of course).”


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