Simple Hub is New Android Powered Hardware for Smart Home Control

Simple Control (formerly Roomie Remote) have just added the new Simple Hub to their product line-up.

This ‘Simple Sync + Hub’ combination of the new Android powered hardware and the sync software adds advanced Simple Control features…

Simple Sync + HubThe Simple Sync + Hub is a the best way to add Simple Sync to your system. The Simple Hub has Simple Sync already installed and ready to go. Plug it into your network and your Simple Sync + Hub automatically synchronizes with your Simple Control system and allows remote access from outside your home network, giving you complete control of your home from the office or the beach.

As well as synchronisation, the setup provides backups and a configuration lock as well as integrating with SmartThings (Hub V1 or V2), the Amazon Echo and has the ability to trigger a variety of other smart home options…

With Simple Sync, your system will always be on, taking care of your house for you. Create reactive feedback actions such as “run the Watch TV Activity when my Lutron keypad button is pressed.” Set timers and triggers to execute directly from Simple Sync for “always on” control. Use SmartThings to trigger Simple Control activities via events such as motion detection.

The Simple Hub is available now for around $270

Simple Hub - Rear

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  1. Is it hard to hook this up to get connection. How much is the monthly service?

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