Smart Shades Solar Powered Bluetooth Blind Motor Controlled from your Phone

Originally crowd funded (and raising 874% of its goal), Smart Shades is a clever little Bluetooth blind controller.

The motor unit attaches to the cord of your shades and you can control multiple blinds from the smartphone app (Android and iOS). As well as manual control you can use the app to set daily or weekly schedules to automate each room.

If your phone isn’t to hand you can use the ‘smart touch’ feature and control the blinds with a tap via the sensor built into the housing.

Energy-Saving mode uses the Smart Shades light sensor to measure sun activity, raising the blinds when the sun comes up. In addition there’s a new software update coming that enables the system to measure solar intensity and close the blinds to automatically keep your home cool in the summer.

The system can be powered with a small solar panel placed in the window. It can also be powered using a wired charger for the Lithium battery where there’s not enough light (around 2 months battery life per charge, or leave plugged in to permanently power).

Smart Shades Box

We got an impressive demo of the unit and talked to Wazombi Labs at this years Gadget Show Live and they told us their community already has the system integrated with SmartThings and other home automation systems via this Raspberry Pi setup.

With a variety of mounting methods (double sided tape or screws) and it’s solar power Smart Shades looks like a great option for retro fitting around your home.

Smart Shades are available now for around £55 for the wired version and £69 for the solar. Check out the videos and the links below.

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5 Comments on "Smart Shades Solar Powered Bluetooth Blind Motor Controlled from your Phone"

  1. “Controlled from phone” is not a convenience. It’s just slightly less annoying than doing it manually.

    For a product to be *smart* you need to integrate it into a “brain” of some sort. Which is nearly impossible with bluetooth. 🙁

  2. @Moskus – you must not have read the bit about how it’s been integrated already?

  3. I’m waiting on my MOVE by Teptron!
    I got in on the KickStarter ( ) probably not going to see them until June though. Currently on IndieGOGO too

    I’m more than happy integrating it with Home Assistant via Bluetooth.

  4. Does this work seamlessly with Samsung’s SmartThings?

  5. I recently bought some Teptron Move and its one of the worst purchase for its price per unit. I am frankly fed up with it within a week of installing it. Like you mentioned the developers over promised on the functionality of the app, its only provides basic open and close functionality and from the other comments on the app site its been this way for a while with seemingly no updates as to when the other promised functionality will be available.

    The next two issue I have with it are that it can never seem to open or close to the calibrated positions. The next big issue is that it lost its bluetooth functionality after a week. It doesn’t connect anymore to my phone, no number of reset, power cycle, factory reset, change of batteries, using usb power resolved this issue.

    All I have now is a device that doesn’t do what it was sold to do, no promised functionality and no control from phone with bluetooth which was one of the main reason I was looking at automated blind system. At this stage I couldn’t use the promised functionality on the app even if it was released since bluetooth no longer works. Its basically a pie of garbage.

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