UK Smart Home Doorbell ‘Ding’ Launches on Kickstarter

We met UK startup team John Nussey and Avril O’Neil back in April at the Gadget Show live. This morning they’ve launched their new smart doorbell on Kickstarter.

Now ready for crowdfunding, the Ding Smart Doorbell is made up of three parts, a battery or hard wired doorbell button, a doorbell chime that sits inside your home and a free smartphone app.

When a visitor presses the button, the chime dings inside and also places a VoIP call through the Ding smartphone app, allowing you to talk with the person at your door from anywhere with Internet Access.

‘Ding’ takes on a ‘less is more’ mantra, eschewing the temptation to pack in seldom-used features and instead focusing in on providing the best user experience for a smart doorbell…

“Doorbells haven’t evolved to suit our changing lifestyles. There are either ‘dumb doorbells’ that come with your house or are bought in a rush from a hardware store. Or ‘smart doorbells’ that are driven by technology, offering you more features than you could ever use.” says John Nussey, co-founder and CEO of Ding. “We have designed the Ding Smart Doorbell to be simple, beautiful and smart, improving the user experience and ensuring its design works elegantly with modern homes.”

The smart doorbell’s voice link surprisingly, but cleverly, uses good old DECT cordless phone tech for an HD audio connection from the outside of your house to the inside. In addition the Chime module has a WiFi connection to your router for all the network smarts.

Ding Smart Doorbell Chime

Check out Ding on the links below and if you’re quick you can support the team and bag yourself a smart doorbell for under £100 in the early bird specials…

No products found.  :  Ding on Kickstarter

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