Umbrela Has You Covered For Retro Fit Home Automation

Umbrela Smart Inc is a Canadian startup with a vision to create simpler smart home setup.

Their new home automation system uses 7 inch high definition touch screens that are easily retro fitted in place of your existing wall switches. They use HomePlug Powerline technology so there’s no rewiring required.

Several differnet configurations of these ‘Smart Covers’ are available all in anodised aluminium housings which include stereo speakers, wall wash LEDs and a built-in noise cancelling microphones to enable homeowners to interact with the system through voice commands.

The Umbrela virtual switches using learning algorithms and can simulate presence in your home while you’re away. The makers says the built-in temperature and humidity sensors optimise environmental conditions to deliver energy savings too.

Whilst most recent smart home systems have left control to the smart phone, Umbrela are keen to provide a quality modern wall switch for local control in the home as well as via their own app.

“All family members and guests can use Umbrela without the need to connect their smart phones.” says Ryan Ramchandar, co-founder and VP of Software Development. “This means users can also replace their smart phones without worrying about loss of the smart home functionalities.

We asked Umbrela if they have plans to launch their system in the UK and they told us:

Yes we do have plans to release a UK version of Umbrela shortly after the launch in the US and Canada.

Check out the video and links below to find out more.

Umbrela Home Automation

Umbrela Home Automation  :  HomePlug Adaptors at Amazon

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10 Comments on "Umbrela Has You Covered For Retro Fit Home Automation"

  1. That looks very interesting and will take a look once launched in the UK. Any indication of price?

  2. Hi Paul

    We are glad you like Umbrela. Pricing will be available at the start of preorders.

    We will definitely inform Automated Home and anyone who have signed up to be notified.


  3. I like the idea of this system but I would like to see something like this that is a bit cheaper and works with all my existing stuff, like Sonia, Philips hue, Wemo etc

  4. I love the look of the devices and the versatility such as using them for security etc. Again, if they make it to the UK I’ll be very interested especially if they are priced well.


  5. Michael Farragher | February 5, 2015 at 11:10 pm |

    Has there been any European prices yet ?

    It’s probably aimed at the higher end and maybe suitable starting out rather than building on existing setups due to its cost.

  6. Calum, Greg and Michael – thank you very much for the comments and interest.

    1) We are working with Allseen Alliance to provide a standard interface to communicate with other product.
    2) Pricing will be available at the start of preorders.

    You can also email us at [email protected] if you need more information.

    You can also signup at to be notified for the start of preorders.


  7. I checked the website , but there is no actual technical data available
    Is there an api, how does it tie up with other smart equipment?

  8. Hi Alex

    As mentioned earlier we are working with Allseen Alliance to provide an interface to work with other smart home products. As soon as we have the details available we will post it on our Internet site.

  9. Any plans to include Evohome support?

  10. Maybe I missed the tech info, but can anyone work out if these require a neutral feed to the switch like most other HA wall switch solutions? If so this is a little more difficult for UK customers who unlike our US cousins I think have as standard.

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