Useful Gadget of the Week: Inexpensive PIR LED Bulb Airing Cupboard Upgrade

Inexpensive PIR LED Bulb

Here’s an inexpensive 5 minute job that could earn you some serious brownie points this weekend.

The Airing Cupboard (or ‘Hot Press’ if you’re from Ireland) is usually a dark place with a light switch thats always a awkward grope away.

Sticking with the KISS principal, and therefore ruling out any fancy home automation, we recently fitted one of these handy PIR bulbs in ours.

The MSC 5 Watt 450 lumen motion and light sensitive PIR LED light bulb has a sensor activated by light and movement. Its cool white (6500k) energy saving bulb is the equivalent of a 50w incandescent.

Now the instant we open the hot press door there’s a bright light and everything is easy to see. It’s a big hit with the better half too. Result.

The MSC 5 watt 450 lumin LED bulb with PIR comes in B22 Bayonet or E27 Screw fittings and is available for around £10. In addition there’s a version with automatic dusk to dawn sensor too.

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