Video: Fibaro Z-Wave Smoke Sensor

Polish smart home specialist Fibaro are now shipping their new Z-Wave Smoke Sensor. Described as ‘probably the smallest wireless smoke sensor in the World’ the £60 unit also integrates with most wired alarm systems available on the market.

Advanced production technology allowed to significantly minimise the sensor components, making Fibaro sensor the most advanced device of that type available on the market, and our company the leader in the manufacture of wireless smoke sensors.

You can connect the sensor to 12 or 24 VDC adapter if you wish. Or leave it in battery powering mode and enjoy up to 3 years uninterrupted operation. Thick reinforced walls interrupting wireless communication? You can connect FIBARO Smoke Sensor to an alarm hub with a wire.

Built-in RGB LED signalling diode may be used to signal the Z-Wave network range. Correct communication with Home Center 2 controller is the base of well functioning FIBARO intelligent home system.

Our sensor can communicate with an alarm system hub by wire or wirelessly with the Z-Wave network. Even if the Z-Wave network range is too week to allow direct communication with Home Center 2, each of the system devices may repeat radio signal allowing for installing FIBARO System components in the farthest nooks of your home.

Check out the video below for more on the Smoke Detector plus details on the new Fibaro Z-Wave movement sensor launching soon (around the 2:00 mark) and checkout the gesture sensor at the end too.

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3 Comments on "Video: Fibaro Z-Wave Smoke Sensor"

  1. What’s a 24 vdc?
    I currently have wired alarms in a uk home so would like to replace with these.

  2. Hi Budda,
    It’s 240 volts direct current or “240VDC”. Standard mains power in UK homes.

  3. Are us crazy ? it is 240 V AC instead of DC. Big difference 🙂
    Just try with your fingers ( don’t actually do that)

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