Video: Heatworks Model 1 – Worlds First WiFi Controlled Water Heater

Successfully funded from a crowdsourcing project, the Heatworks Model 1 claims to be the worlds first digital WiFi controllable water heater.

Based on the idea of just heating the water you use, rather than pre-heating it and storing it in a tank, the system boasts several innovations in domestic water heating technology.

The patented Direct Electrical Resistance (DER) heating process uses graphite electrodes to heat the water and as well as creating instant heat it also gets by the problem of ‘furring’ of a regular heating element. The solid state components mean long life, no maintenance and no need for a flow switch. The voltage sensing power supply (100-277 VAC) along with a user selectable current setting from 15 to 48 amps means one SKU can serve many roles. The built-in WiFi allows users to remotely measure and control power and temperature and brings “smart grid” connectivity and the Internet of Things (IoT).

Heatworks Model 1 Heating Plates

Heatworks claim savings of up to 40% on energy and if you are in the sort of home that has to run the water for a while before the hot stuff starts then a 10% saving on water usage is in the offing too. The heater can also be used in a kind of extender mode to top up the heat coming out of an existing systems tank for example or to give instant hot water while you wait for your stored water to reach your tap.

Heatworks Model 1 Heating Time

We asked Heatworks if the system would also be available in the UK and they told us…

Yes, the MODEL 1 will be available in the UK. Currently you can preorder the M1 from our site for $395 per unit. Orders will begin shipping out in June.  :  More HVAC Smart Home Tech

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3 Comments on "Video: Heatworks Model 1 – Worlds First WiFi Controlled Water Heater"

  1. eamon o'gorman | May 7, 2014 at 10:16 pm |

    Think I will definately be ordering one if these once they are available.

    Would suit my needs very week, I currently have oil heating and a wood burning stove with back boiler.we find most of our oil usage is actually during the summer to hear the water,so this looks like a good fit.

  2. heatworks seriously need to do something about the website, painfully slow, hope its not an indication of the product overall.

  3. Johannesburg Jensson | July 9, 2014 at 10:07 am |

    I think the Heatworks Model 1 is a innovative and brilliant idea that will solve many of the awkward heating problems. This heater will also allow heating in locations that would otherwise not be heated. Great idea.

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