Video: Logitech Harmony Keyboard Controls Your Living Room

Logitech have just announced their new Harmony Keyboard.

Aimed squarely at the living room, couch potatoes can rejoice as now there’s an easy way to search for shows, navigate menus and browse the Web on a PC or Mac connected to your TV or Internet-connected media devices, like an Apple TV, Roku, PS3 or Xbox.

As with the entire Harmony remote range, the keyboard features one touch Activity buttons.  For example “Watch a Movie” turns on the correct entertainment devices, automatically switching each one to the right settings.

The keyboard comes complete with the Harmony Hub which lets you control your entire entertainment system from your iOS or Android device even through closed cabinets.

The Logitech Harmony Smart Keyboard can work with up to eight devices from a library of more than 225,000 home-entertainment devices and over 5,000 brands through  the setup assistant. It includes the Harmony Hub, which turns signals from the keyboard or your smartphone – through the Harmony App – into commands your entertainment devices understand. Both the keyboard and the Harmony App work without pointing, so you don’t have to worry about closed cabinets getting in the way of your signal.

With the keyboard in your living room, there is no need for multiple remotes. As with other Harmony remotes, one touch of an Activity button – such as “Watch a Movie” – turns on just the right entertainment devices and automatically switches each one to the right settings and inputs. Plus, the keyboard features an easy Internet-based setup, and integrated DVR and set-top box controls, and playback and volume buttons.

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  1. That really is super cool, Well for guys like me that a always have a laptop, ipad, and Phone on them.

  2. Looks great! Any ETA for UK release?

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