Video: ‘My N3RD’ Connect & Control Anything from Anywhere

My N3RD is a new Wi-Fi product that allows you to control gadgets, appliances and vehicles with your Smart Phone.  We asked the team to talk us through their invention that’s currently launching on Kickstarter…

My N3RD is a great product for home automation use. You can easily use My N3RD to control appliances and electronics through your smart phone. My N3RD accomplishes this with two relays that can be controlled via Wi-Fi. You can connect to My N3RD directly through your smart phone or through a router. My N3RD can also be used to do more complex tasks. For example My N3RD can work with physical switches because it has two inputs that can trigger programmed functionality.

You could wire My N3RD into a ceiling fan switch and not only be able to turn the fan on and off but also set the physical switch to activate a timer. Now whenever the fan is turned on it will only stay on for a certain amount of time and turn off automatically. These two inputs will also work with sensors (light, motion, etc..).  Note, My N3RD’s relays are intended to switch DC only (similarly to the Wemo maker version) .

Other Wi-Fi systems are really only designed to regulate AC power to the device, which in a lot of cases only puts the device into a standby mode. Since My N3RD can be wired directly to the on switch, it can work with these devices, which include Air Conditioners, Space Heaters, modern appliances with digital controls. Although My N3RD requires some basic diy skills it does not require any coding or sourcing of diy micro-controllers or mini computers. We have done all the hard work for the consumer by developing the platform and App.

We are working to add IFTTT integration to allow My N3RD to work with the rest of your devices. We realize that the smart home will have a variety of different systems, and finding a way to get them to work with My N3RD is a high priority

My N3RD will be available through our website initially, and we plan to ship internationally. Residents of the UK can reserve a My N3RD through Kickstarter today.   :   MyN3RD on Kickstarter

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