Video: Revolv “Sexy” Home Automation

There’s been plenty of shiny new home automation products in the last few years.  Many, like Nest, have been successful and have brought new functionality and simplicity to smart home control.  However, when you want one of these systems to talk to another then the usual problem rears its ugly head.

Revolv iPhone Home Automation

Enter Revolv, a new smart home startup that’s hoping to become the missing link that will unify all these sub-systems.  The Revolv Hub has 7 onboard radios speaking 10 different wireless ‘languages’ including Z-Wave, Insteon and Wi-Fi plus future firmware updates promise support for ZigBee too.  All that adds up to control of Insteon, Sonos, Z-Wave, Philips Hue, and Belkin WeMo out of the box.

Revolv promised support  for “hundreds of devices in the next year” and with their own API in the works they clearly hope to provide a platform to allow you to control all the devices in your smart home from a single smartphone app, rather than the multi-app switching mess that’s required currently.

Revolv have started accepting pre-order reservations and although it’s US only for now there are plans to ship outside of America in the future.  Check out the video below…

Revolv HubSimple Automation – Tailoring Revolv to fit your lifestyle couldn’t be easier with ‘Actions’. No programming required! Choose an Action from Sensors, Time, Location or On-Demand triggers, and then add the devices you want to automate. Boom. You’re done! Yeah, it’s really that easy.

Simple, Beautiful, Intuitive – If there’s anything we love, it’s simplicity and great design. We don’t sit around in cubicles churning out cheap plastic products, and we don’t come home to dark, cold or silent homes. We’ve invented “lifestyle automation”, and we’re pretty sure you’re going to adore it.

Geosense Proximity Automation – Revolv allows you to control and monitor your home from your smartphone. Sure. But we’re thinking bigger with GeoSense technology. Control your house automatically based on your proximity to or from home, all with your phone never leaving your pocket.

All Wireless, No Ethernet Needed! – The Revolv Hub, unlike other home automation solutions, doesn’t require an Ethernet cable. Simply plug it into a central location in your home to get the best wireless range. Then magically connect it to your Wi-Fi network in less than a minute using our proprietary FlashLink™ technology. It’s not magic, it’s Revolv

Supported Hardware on Launch

  • Insteon Appliance Linc (On/Off)
  • Insteon Motion Sensor
  • Insteon Lamp Linc (Dimmer)
  • Insteon Light Bulb
  • Insteon Wall Switch
  • Honeywell Z-Wave Thermostat
  • GE Z-Wave Outlet
  • Leviton Vizia Appliance Module
  • GE Z-Wave Wall Switches (including On/Off, 3-way On/Off, Dimmer, 3-way Dimmer switches)
  • GE Z-Wave Duplex Receptacle
  • Trane Z-Wave Thermostat
  • Sonos Family (Play:3, Play:5, Playbar, Sub)
  • Z-Wave door locks (Yale, Kwikset)
  • Philips Hue and upcoming Bloom & LightStrips (Hub currently required)
  • Belkin WeMo
  • Insteon Garage Door (I/O link)
  • Insteon key pad
  • Insteon open/close sensor

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