Video: Roost Wi-Fi Battery Upgrades Your Existing Smoke & CO Alarms

If you’re looking for a feature-rich smart home smoke (and Carbon Monoxide) alarm then checkout the Nest Protect. But here’s a clever device that promises to bring some of its best features to your existing detector.

The Roost is a 9V smart battery that removes the chance of those annoying 3am ‘chirps’ from your regular smoke detector by notifying you weeks in advance of the battery running out.

In addition it will send alerts to your smartphone if your alarm goes off as well as a list of friend and family members too. You can also ‘snooze’ battery only powered detectors on false alarms.

Part of the volume of the unit is taken up with the WiFi electronics, the rest houses a replaceable lithium battery pack which will last for 5 years.

The makers tell us Roost should be available in the UK second half of 2016 and while they have no official RRP yet, the unit is currently selling in the USA for $35.00

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