Video: Thinking Cleaner Adds Apple HomeKit & WiFi to your Roomba

Lets face it we’d all love a domestic robot, and while we wait for C-3PO many of us have settled for a Vacuum-bot to start off with.

Now the new Thinking Cleaner Kickstarter project is aimed at building an add-on for your iRobot Roomba 500/600 or 700/800 to make it a bit smarter, more useful and fun.

The unit aims to enhance the cleaner and allow your Roomba vacuum to connect to you from anywhere in the world, using the Thinking Cleaner apps to monitor and control the unit as well as receive push notifications from it.

In addition there will be an Apple HomeKit integrated version (for the 700 and 800 series) and the makers promise it will be easy to integrate it with home automation systems using their documented API (JSON or XML). In the future they hope to bring 3rd party home automation plugins too.

The upgrade will also add accessibility features to the Roomba for people with disabilities or that need special care, by making full use of the Voiceover capabilities as well as enhancing the remote control…

…the efficacy of something simple like the remote control is improved greatly with Thinking Cleaner installed. The regular IR remote control can only send simple commands, but cannot respond to status changes or inform you about these. Thinking Cleaner tells you when the Roomba has reached it’s homebase, when it’s battery is recharged and can even tell you how many miles it has traveled. An average Roomba can travel up to 1.2 miles per cleaning session! Another Thinking Cleaner feature enables the Roomba to start automatically when you leave your house or office, using a technique known as geofencing. Owners of multiple Roomba’s can control all of them using the Thinking Cleaner app. Even the simplest Roomba without the built-in timer can be programmed to perform a scheduled cleaning up to four times a day using Thinking Cleaner.

Thinking Cleaner for your iRobot Roomba is available to pre-order now on the Kickstarter link below, starting at €99 for the models compatible with the 500 and 600 series and €109 for the models compatible with the 700 and 800 series.  :  Thinking Cleaner on Kickstarter   [Thanks Pieter]

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