Video: Xandem’s Mesh of Nodes Provides Occupancy Tracking in Your Smart Home

Ah… smart home occupancy detection, that old chestnut.

Xandem Home is a new system that promises complete coverage of movement and occupancy detection around your house.

Their 2.4 GHz devices can be hidden yet see through walls and furniture.

There’s real-time location tracking (and history) plus triggers and mobile notifications / email / text etc. Xandem’s algorithms process the link disruptions to detect and locate the person.

The whole-house coverage should make it ideal for security applications as well as energy conservation and caretaker functions to monitor the well-being of loved ones without requiring them to wear devices.

A kit costs around $500 with the first years monitoring service free ($10 / month there after) or you can choose not to use their service and integrate it with your own LAN instead.

Xandem Home has software APIs that it will be using to develop links to complimentary applications and services.

The devices are available internationally so we asked the team if they were suitable for the UK and they told us…

The XANDEM HOME plug-in nodes are designed to handle up to 250VAC, but initially there will not be a version that fits UK/European wall sockets. People will have to use a plug converter for now, until XANDEM is able to produce nodes specifically for other countries outside the USA.

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2 Comments on "Video: Xandem’s Mesh of Nodes Provides Occupancy Tracking in Your Smart Home"

  1. Any idea if it is capable of differentiating between humans and pets?

  2. @Paul – from their FAQ

    “Will my pet cause false alarms with XANDEM HOME?

    It depends on how large the pet is. Pets under 30 lbs won’t typically cause false alarms. There are a few things that you can do to avoid false triggering from pets: (1) make sure that you place nodes in locations where the pet won’t come within about 5 feet of any node, (2) reduce the detection sensitivity, or (3) use XANDEM’s learning feature to teach the system not to trigger for pet movement (this feature will be coming in the future, but not in the initial version).”

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