Video: Zipato Z-Wave Siren

Z-Wave Plus LogoThe Zipato indoor multichannel siren uses the new Z-Wave 500 series chip supporting multichannel operation and higher data rates (96/40/100kbps) and you can choose from six different alarm sounds.

Always know when your Z-Wave system detects a problem by installing the Zipato Z-Wave Indoor Multi-Sound Siren. This loud, multi-channel siren works with any Z-Wave controller, allowing you to program alerts for any event that occurs in your network. You can even differentiate between events by choosing from six different alarm sounds: Door Chime, Arm/Disarm “Bi Bi” Sound, Intruder Alarm, Ambulance Sound, Police Car Sound, Fire Alarm. The Z-Wave Indoor Multi-Sound Siren is designed for wall-mounting in an electrical box, and it has a DC jack to receive power from a 5VDC power supply.

The power supply wires can easily be hidden behind the siren, which also supports an optional backup battery. In case of a power outage, the siren will automatically switch to the battery for power. Featuring tamper protection, the siren sounds an alarm if someone attempts to remove it from the wall. FEATURES: Loud volume (110db) for all sounds. “Z-Wave Plus” certified for wide compatibility. Built-in tamper and over-discharge protection.

The Zipato siren is available from Amazon.

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4 Comments on "Video: Zipato Z-Wave Siren"

  1. I got a little exited to see this as I’ve been after a Z-wave siren for a while and the multi-choice alarms are just what I am looking for. Mostly for Firealarm and door chime..

    But.. what a disappointment the door chime sound is! I was expecting a Ding-Dong type sound.. not a shrill alarm. SHMBO would never accept that as a doorbell!

  2. Agreed, they all sound awful

  3. Would have been nice if it could be uploaded with custom sounds, as those provided are terrible.

  4. Well isnt that the idea of it – to sound terrible and scare away intruders? 🙂

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