WeMo ‘Maker’ Delivers iOS & Android Control to Smart Home Hackers

Belkin announced some additions to their WeMo home automation range at CES this week including a new LED Lighting Starter Set, WeMo Smart LED Bulbs and a slow cooker (really).

Amongst these new Wi-Fi powered devices is an aptly named $50 ‘Maker’ module. It aims to provide DIYers with a simple way to integrate WeMo control into their hacks and projects.

That in turn will providing them with Internet connected control of any device they build, and allow them control from an iPhone, iPad (iOS) or Android mobile device.

The unit is powered via a micro USB socket and features 36v open relay contacts. Belkin say the device will also interface to a wide range of low voltage (5v) sensors and can use IFTTT cloud logic too…

The WeMo Maker empowers DIYers to build their own WeMo solutions by adding Internet connectivity to any device controlled with a DC switch, such as research robotics, motors, sprinkler systems, antennas, and more. A small module that wires into low voltage devices, WeMo Maker also lets you monitor and manage a wide range of 5V DC sensors from anywhere using a smartphone or tablet.

WeMo Maker is controlled via the same free WeMo app as existing WeMo products and integrates seamlessly within the WeMo ecosystem, allowing you to create schedules or automatically control the WeMo Maker with sensor inputs. Deactivate your sprinkler system if moisture is detected or open the blinds at sunrise from Monday to Friday. WeMo Maker also works with IFTTT, which lets you create specialized recipes bringing the Internet of Things to your fingertips.

Belkin Maker RearImage Credit: Revision3 Tekzilla

We’ve asked Belkin for a UK launch date and we’ll update this article when they respond.  The WeMo Maker Kit plus the new LED Lighting Starter Set, WeMo Smart LED Bulbs and Crock-Pot WeMo Slow Cooker should all be available in the USA this Spring.

WeMo Available from Amazon  :  belkin.com

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3 Comments on "WeMo ‘Maker’ Delivers iOS & Android Control to Smart Home Hackers"

  1. This looks like a perfect solution for my greenhouse watering system (yet to be bought). Question: what system would be best to connect to it? Most of the commercial systems seem to be timer based. Terry

  2. Chris McLean | January 13, 2014 at 3:25 pm |

    Terry, have you considered Control4 at all? Its very extensible when it comes to programming of events such as controlling watering systems


  3. Forrest Hamilton | January 29, 2014 at 1:58 pm |

    Hi Terry,

    I use WiFi Plug to control all my electronic stuff, it isn’t timer based you can just turn them on/off anytime. Don’t know how suitable it would be for a watering system but works very well for my purposes!


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