Wireless IP Power 9258W2 Brings Wi-Fi Control of Mains Devices

Aviosys have launched the second generation of the their  IP Power unit.  The new model has upgraded components for more reliablity and integrates WiFi 802.11n-b/g as well as Ethernet.  Aviosys say that typical uses include server / appliance remote operation and even some basic lighting control…

Five years after its initial launched, the IP Power 9258W has now been upgraded to the next level with even more hardware features and software functions added.

We are extremely proud of our accomplishments for this new generation of Wireless IP Power 9258W2 and we believe the results of this transformation will lead to sustainable growth and value creation with profitability for Aviosys worldwide distributors and customers .

New 2nd generation WiFi 802.11n-b/g wireless solution , it contains all features and functions from 1st generation IP Power 9258W, but added extra more new features / functions on both H/W & S/W as below:


Features of the IP Power 9258W2* WiFi 802.11n-b/g , supports WEP/WPA/WPA2, plus has WPS for easy WiFi setup .

  • Adopt new high grade Components & Relays for better quality / performance / durability (MBTF 200,000 hrs)
  • Supports HTTPS & SSL – high security for Internet communication and e-mail
  • 4 port output  – each with Current Meter detection (Amps), Power Consumed (WATTs) of each port show in chart
  • Support for USB WebCam monitoring (needs to support UPNP . M-JPG / YUV)
  • QR Code detection for easy & fast setup on Smartphone
  • BackUp function for quick setup for multiple devices like Time Schedule, Network Setting
  • Restore function for previous files
  • Support Auto Ping . CNT . DDNS .DHCP .ADSL (PPPoE) . SNMP. TelNet
  • Support E-mail and public e-mail @gmail.com , @yahoo.com , @hotmail.com etc
  • Support for Temperature Sensors
  • Support for handheld IR Remote Control for office / open space room / Lab where without PC and can be controlled for fast response or emergency use
  • Support for Smartphones – Apple iPhone, Android, SamSung Galaxy, HTC, BlackBerry
  • Software SDK included for WebPage Command, IP Power Center – provided for your own software development


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  1. There’s an Android app for controlling the 9258 W2 and other Aviosys IP Power devices called PowerIP. It’s on Google Play here: http://bit.ly/14lr6lG On the W2 it can also read the temperature and current values for the ports.

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