Electronic House magazines Best Homes of the Year 2007


Wow, if ever you wanted to tease yourself with some smart home porn, then check out Electronic House magazine’s 2007 Best Homes of the Year! Make sure you see all the photos by hitting the View Slideshow button for each property.

The awards feature many categories, starting at Home Cinemas with a budget of £5,000 to £12,500, and moving up to the £125,000+ category. There are also awards for kitchens, bathrooms, bedroom and outdoor spaces. So, if you need inspiration for your new build or refurb then look no further…

“14 categories of award-winning homes include latest in audio, video, multiroom automation, lighting control and more – Wading through the more than 300 entries submitted to Electronic House magazine’s annual Home of the Year contest was an overwhelming endeavor that involved many hours of careful contemplation. The jaw-dropping projects profiled in the gold, silver and bronze articles exemplify some of the finest work we’ve run across. And talk about variety: You’ll see everything from a garage that’s been converted into an entertainment retreat to a rec room where drinks are served from the helm of an old Chris-Craft boat.

The editors of Electronic House congratulate the talented designers and installers involved in these projects. These folks went above and beyond the call of duty by carefully tailoring each system to the needs and lifestyles of the respective homeowners. We hope the award-winning spaces in our Home of the Year presentations will offer plenty of inspiration for your own home improvement projects. As you look through the top winners, please share your thoughts, comments and questions. And be sure to stop by in the weeks ahead as we highlight many of the runners-up.”

Electronic House magazine’s 2007 Best Homes of the Year

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