Intelligent Living Makes Life Easier

The objective of the project was to combine excellent architecture with the functionality of modern technology. The starting point in the project was based on a ficiton that the future habitants of the house are two parents living with a disabled 14-year old son, carried by his wheelchair…

The interior of the house is therefore designed on the basis of the family´s special needs but not focusing on the disabilities, but focusing on functionality for everybody.

The technical functions in the house makes living easier for everybody and not only for a disabled person. The house is controlled by different profiles and they are manoeuvered either by cellular phone, a remote control or through a webinterface. These profiles (goodmorning-, goodnight-,outside- and homeprofile) activates different alarms, opens and closes doors but they also manoeuver illumination and electricity connected to household equipment such as a stove or lighting . The house also have different functions to facilitate communication.”

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