New Package Service for Smart Home Self Builders

Simply Automate have just announced their new service designed for self builders. The package includes a number of elements including design consultancy, hardware, software, installation and support…

“The innovative “Home Builders’ Pack” from Simply Automate has been designed to focus on providing the combined benefits of security, convenience, environment and lifestyle enhancement that smart home technology delivers. Self builders looking for differentiation and individuality within their property are turning to Simply Automate’s smart home solutions to add both appeal and resell value to their homes.. The newly launched “Home Builders’ Pack” provides developers with a one-stop-shop for smart home solutions and brings together the most popular features of a home management installation. Simply Automate’s “Home Builders’ Pack is totally customised to meet individual needs and can include all of the following depending on the requirement of the self builder – integrated lighting, digital security, whole-house audio/ visual, automated window treatments and total home control via smart remote controls and touch screens. The pack is based around Harmony, a user-friendly PC software system that allows you to control many different aspects of your home from a single interface. Not only does this “starter kit” meet the standard needs of the self builder but provides an excellent base for property owners looking to extend and develop more complex smart home applications in the future.

Beginning with free on-site consultancy and evaluation of the premises, to full installation and ongoing support, Simply Automate’s “Home Builders’ Pack offers a comprehensive solution to the exciting but sometimes daunting world of smart home technology.”

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