Tidy TV Installs with these VESA Mount Breadboard Trays

We’re all looking for a neat finish when installing our smart home systems (checkout #liveinstall for some great photos).

Here’s a useful range of mounts to allow you to securely attach all those streaming pucks and baluns to the back of your TV using its VESA mount.

The powder coated steel CMP-1 easily attaches to the rear of the display using the VESA mounting locations and allows you to quickly and securely add a versatile component location. The large breadboard plate attaches to the CMP-1 giving you room to neatly cable tie your connections and even the devices themselves.

The IntuitiveUSA range starts at around £45 and is available from the red-line.co.uk approved dealer network.

VESA Mount Breadboard Trays

intuitiveusa.com  :  red-line.co.uk

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