Video: Android Wear Home Automation Control from your Watch

A few weeks ago Google announced Android Wear at their i/o developers conference. Now one user has shown a home automation setup being controlled from his Android smart watch.

Lucky for me, Android Wear works out of the box with João Dias’s AutoApps (, including AutoVera, AutoVoice, and AutoNotification. To pass the voice command back to Android, root access is required with the Xposed Google Search API module enabled. We’ll need to wait until launch to seek alternate access to voice commands, but the demonstrated method is obviously ideal. Notifications with AutoNotification are ready to go and extremely powerful, you can create mini-apps to control anything on your Android device and beyond.

Check out the video below and the new section on the Google Play Store for Android Wear Apps.

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  1. Seems pretty slow to me, plus when will we get away from using words like toggle?

    Nobody wants to toggle a light, they either want it on or off.

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