Video: Control4 Demos “Panelized” Smart Home Lighting

Control4’s Blake VanCleave gives a quick behind the scenes look at a condo in Indiana that features a Panelized Lighting system.  The panel is inside a cabinet, completely hidden away from the customer…

The advantage of doing this then, is that the consumer only gets to see a single keypad in each one of these zones. The advantage there is cleanliness, not a lot of large devices in the wall, I know that I’ll typically have some “scenes” that then I can press that allows me to execute a scene rather than controlling each individual load separately. Now that we have all of the devices mounted in the closet, where all the loads and panelized products are going to go, in this zone now we are just going to have a single keypad. That keypad will allow me to control any load in this bathroom in this instance, which is a number of 3 different loads — I have a fan, I have a pendant, and I have a can light. When I turn off the lights, it makes it easy to see in a dark zone that the lights (on the keypad) automatically ramp up and I can always know what light I’m controlling, again, with a single device and one button push. This is a great idea and a great room to show off Panelized Lighting. We have six different loads just in this bedroom alone so rather than a number of different switches mounted everywhere, I just have a single keypad. Much more cosmetically-pleasing, much easier to use, and it’s scene-based. So one button then can turn off the entire scene. If I have a nighttime scene and a daytime scene, one button push could lower my blinds, turn on my fireplace, execute all my lighting loads the way I like them right before I go to bed or as I watch TV.”

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