Insteon Pulls V1.0 UK Hub – Customers to Receive Free Replacements

Insteon visited the Automated Home last summer to test some of their UK prototypes.  This lead to a soft launch of the European modules late last year.  However since then there have been stories of users having reliability issues with the Hub, the unit that’s pretty much central to any Insteon setup.  Then last month Insteon issued a press release announcing a new version of the Hub.

We asked Insteon’s Director of Marketing Isaac Sanz if this new Hub solved the issues and if owners of the v1.0 UK Hub would be in line for replacements…

We have identified and corrected issues with our initial release INSTEON Hubs. We have made it a priority to upgrade every Hub in the market. Users should contact the company through which they made the purchase for details on how to replace their Hub.

Details for the new hub changes were in last months PR from Insteon…

The new INSTEON Hub includes numerous hardware and software improvements including: Full dual-band communication, secure remote access and increased power-line signal strength for both INSTEON and X10 signals. Many features have been added to the mobile applications as well that run the range from user interface enhancements to under-the-hood technological improvements. For a complete list of improvements, please visit

It’s good to see Insteon have put their hands up to this one and are replacing hubs for free to their early-adopting UK customers.  Let us know your experience if you’ve received one of the new hubs in the comments below.

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2 Comments on "Insteon Pulls V1.0 UK Hub – Customers to Receive Free Replacements"

  1. Graham Morris | January 15, 2018 at 10:05 pm |

    I never received a new hub
    the hub will not connect to the insteon app
    hub 2242-442 can you help

  2. The 2242-442 is a piece of junk anyway. It isn’t compatible with insteon’s own 8 button remote, and if you try to turn on the lights using the smartphone app it takes 30 seconds before you can see anything because it has to log in and ask the server in California to tell your hub what to do. I’m not exaggerating. And it will never be compatible with voice control systems like Google Home or Alexa. Insteon have basically abandoned this product. What’s more, although they did make a Smarthub II (2245-222) for the US (which is Alexa/google compatible but sucks even more otherwise), the version for UK devices never made it out of the factory.

    Put it in the bin and try to forget you ever heard of Insteon.

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