Hope for ISDN Based Always On Connection?

Kwong Li brought this BT announcement to my attention yesterday.

“Mr Danon finished by saying: “We recognise that the benefits of the new communications revolution are too great to leave people behind, but that there are technological limits to providing affordable broadband for all. So today we are also announcing a new alternative high speed internet access product for those who would not be able to get broadband. Our new “midband” product will begin trials in the Spring. It will provide an “always-on”
email facility with fast internet access at up to 128K when needed and will be available quickly to 97 per cent of the UK population.”

This is potentially very exciting news if (like me) you just need a low bandwidth, always on connection to monitor and control your house but are unable to get ADSL. I’m trying to find out if this is ISDN based, using the D Channel. Read the full release Here

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