Comfort Demo On-Line

CHC have just announced that the live demo of the Comfort system is now on-line. Best to try it out over the web. You can change the CCTV camera you view in the dolls house plus turn on and off lamps.

“Have you have been wondering what it was like to phone into a Comfort system? It is now possible via our Demo System. You can phone into the system and control the cameras and security modes and watch them refresh on the web browser, or just use the browser and do the same. Log-on to it here. You will need access to 2 phone lines to achieve this. Why not try it out? Telephone (UK Only) 0906 3004444, (Calls cost 50p/min, this line is not normally available Mon – Fri between 10AM and 5.30PM but the Web Interface demo is available 24hrs) sign-in with *1234# and select 1,1 to arm system, or 2,2 to collect messages, 2,4 to leave a message, 4 for Home Control (4,0 for selecting Cameras 1 – 4). Press # (hash) to step back a menu or to exit.”

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