HackMyth PVR plus Z-Wave Home Automation


Here’s one we haven’t covered before, HackMyth is described as “the home automation control kit for mythTV” and offers Z-Wave wireless control of your smart home, from the same box that carries out your PVR functions.

“The HACKmyth system offers wireless Home Automation control combined with the MythTV software on one box that plugs into your television set. With a simple remote control, HACKmyth lets you can take advantage of MythTV functionality without wrestling with time-consuming issues like hardware compatibility and complex installation. Plus, your system will download updates automatically, saving you the time and trouble of frequently checking for new update availability.

With the same remote control, you can also use your HACKmyth system to control the lights in your home using the latest Z-Wave wireless technology. Simply sync up your Z-Wave compatible outlet with your HACKmyth system. Then plug it into the wall and control it with the same interface you use to control your television.”


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