3 x Home Automation Videos for Free Download

Check this out! – www.jasonbradbury.com – 3 superb 5 minute videos on home automation technology from Channel 5’s Jason Bradbury. These are really worth a watch, thanks Jason!

“To everyone at ‘Automated Home.co.uk’ – Jason Bradbury from Channel 5’s The Gadget Show here. I thought you’d appreciate three short videos I’ve just uploaded to my blog covering the basics of Home Automation; Wi-Fi, X10 and Windows Media Centre. For those of you who are keen on the cutting edge there’s some nice kit on show. Produced for a seminar I hosted at the Grand Designs Live show at London’s Excel, they are aimed at a none technical audience. but have something for everyone; from a simple demonstration of the theory behind X10 – to more advanced text to voice functionality using ‘Harmony Announcer’ software. Come on over and check them out at www.jasonbradbury.com

Jason Bradbury”

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