A Zero Energy Home

In our experience smart homes use lots of electricity. Perhaps this is a model to at least reduce electricity costs and their associated impacts on the environment…

“According to Professional Builder, the first zero energy home costing less than $200,000 has been built in Oklahoma. This house produces as much energy as it consumes in a year and combines “renewable energy technologies with advanced energy-efficient construction.” This environmentally friendly house is just a prototype and not available for sale. But as it has created lots of interest, I would not be surprised if its builder decided to add it to its catalog.

A ZEH is connected to the utility grid, but at off-peak time periods, it generates more power than it uses by combining renewable energy technologies with advanced energy-efficient construction. As a result, a ZEH lowers the power demand on its utility provider. It produces about as much energy as it consumes during a year, so it is considered to achieve “net zero” energy consumption.”

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