European Home Networks on the Rise

Dramatically increased broadband uptake in western Europe is fuelling a boom in home networking activity, recent research has revealed. According to In-Stat/MDR, the growth of home broadband connections in western Europe is mirroring similar trends in north America and the Asia Pacific region, and was “very promising” last year.

The high-tech market research firm predicts that, by the end of 2003, there will be 4.5 million home networks in western Europe, compared to 2.8 million at the end of 2002 – an annual growth rate of almost 60 per cent.

In-Stat/MDR’s study, The Western European Home Networking Market, also predicts that there will be more than 15 million home networks in western Europe by the end of 2007… “In western Europe, the very populous countries of Germany and the UK are demonstrating a healthy uptake in residential broadband,” said Gemma Paulo, a senior analyst with In-Stat/MDR.

“Some of the less populous countries, especially in northern Europe and Scandinavia, though, have adopted home broadband at much higher rates.

“Naturally, a growing segment of these home broadband users desire to share this internet access, via a home network, among multiple users.”


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