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An article from CE-Pro with some interesting photos from inside the “Next Gen Home” at the recent CES2006 exhibition in Las Vegas…

“…At the model home, EI showed two new pieces of hardware — the Lifevision TV Server and Lifesource Media Server. I like to call the TV server a “tuner farm.” It can serve up four streams of HDTV to four different rooms simultaneously — something an MCE can’t do on its own. It’s like having an IPTV server in the home. In a demo, Seamons demonstrated four different shows streaming to a single 12-inch HD Lifetouch touchscreen. A user can view all 4 shows simultaneously, selecting the audio for any one show by touching the image. You can even pause, rewind and forward video in one room without affecting the display in another.

The Media Server is a place to store all of the home’s content, with its 1.5 terabytes of usable space, and RAID configured hot-swappable drives. Most importantly, the software simplifies the distribution of content to and from the server, allowing users to quickly and easily find content — and to automatically push photos, music, video and other content to a single repository. Users can specify which which content has priority on the server. For example, you might want to back up your photos for good, but let recorded TV shows slide…
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